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Keith HoldenSince 1957 ATMC has connected Brunswick County to the world. First with telephone service, then cable TV, wireless, and internet. As we mark our 65th year of service, your cooperative is becoming newer than ever. Our mission is to provide you with the very best high-speed internet. To do this, we’re beginning a multi-year $100 million project to upgrade all of our Brunswick County members to fiber optic delivered broadband. And as we evolve to bring you even better broadband, we’re changing our name to better reflect our future. ATMC is now FOCUS Broadband. And while our name is changing, our commitment to serving you with the very best customer service never will. “The change in our corporate name reflects who we are today as we expand to serve more areas and as broadband becomes our core service offering,” said Keith Holden, CEO. He added, “No matter how much growth we experience, our goal is to maintain the values we were founded on.” FOCUS Broadband will continue to operate as a cooperative in our original ILEC areas of Calabash, Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, Holden Beach, Boiling Spring Lakes and Shallotte.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ATMC changing its name?

Our name change to FOCUS Broadband is taking place to reflect our evolution from being a telephone and cable TV provider to one that has a future of providing first-class high speed internet service as our core offering.

Did ATMC get bought out by another company?

No. We are still the same company that’s always served you, this is just a name change to reflect our mission to make providing fiber optic delivered high speed internet service as our core offering moving forward. As we continue to evolve, we think that a new name and logo better represents our future.

Will I still speak with someone local when I call?

Yes! Even though our name has changed, we still have the same local team who is dedicated to serving you. FOCUS Broadband remains a local company with local priorities.

Will ATMC2Go change?

ATMC2Go is now Watch TV Everywhere. Your username and password to watch TV on the go will remain the same. When you reach the login page for your account, you may be welcomed by the new FOCUS Broadband logo which will help you know you are in the right place!

Will my services/price change as a result of this name change?

Service rates will not be affected by this rebrand. Normal yearly rate changes may occur due to annual negotiations with television networks; however, these rate adjustments have no relation to our name change.

Will my account number and passwords change?

All account information, such as usernames and passwords, will stay the same through this transition.

What does FOCUS stand for?

FOCUS doesn’t stand for anything officially, it was chosen to reflect our company making world-class broadband our business. We are literally ‘focusing on providing you with great broadband’. In support of that, we do have two acronyms we like to say that it could mean: For Our Customers Ultimate Service and/or Fiber Optic Communications Utility Service

What will happen to my email?

Nothing. The email address that you were assigned when you first established internet service will not change.

Are you still considered a cooperative?

Yes, we are still a cooperative in our Brunswick County cooperative areas. This is not changing. None of the benefits of being a member will change.

Do I need to do anything when it comes to my auto draft?

Your auto draft will remain intact throughout the entire rebrand process. The logo and login page to your online account may appear different when you log in, but your username, password and any other saved information will all stay the same.

What about myATMC account?

myATMC will become ‘myAccount’ and your credentials will remain unchanged.



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