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Membership Benefits

FOCUS Broadband is a membership cooperative. As such, our members are the owners of the company, they elect the Board of Directors. Members are invited to attend the Annual Meeting at which they can hear the annual financial report, listen to the reports from both the President and the Manager, and learn about cooperative products and services.

Another benefit of the cooperative way of business is the annual allocation of capital credits to the members. As a membership cooperative, FOCUS Broadband refunds to its members portions of revenues not used for expenses in a given year. Capital Credits are each member’s portion of the operating margins (or profits) of the cooperative. At the discretion of the Board, and when financial conditions warrant, these credits are paid in cash to the members.

Who is Eligible

Any person over the age of 18, a partnership, a corporation or other legal entity located in FOCUS Broadband’s cooperative service area may become a member of the cooperative by purchasing telephone or cable TV services from the company and by meeting all requirements established by the company.

To Become a Member

Contact FOCUS Broadband Customer Service at 910-754-4311 or

Capital Credits

We’ve given back over $60 million to our customers.

Capital Credits

When the Board of Directors approves a refund for a given year, these refunds are mailed to the address on file for members who had service during that year. Refunds that are returned to the cooperative are placed in an Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks account and are available to members presenting the proper identification or legal beneficiaries of deceased members’ estates when accompanied by the appropriate documentation.

Unclaimed Property

To claim a check, download the Property Claim Form, complete, and return to:

FOCUS Broadband
Attn: Unclaimed Property
PO Box 3198
Shallotte, NC 28459

To request a Property Claim Form be sent to you, or for questions about how to complete the form, please contact us at: 910-755-1645.


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