Personalize Your TV Experience-
Choose Traditional Cable or Streamed TV Service

Digital Cable

Watch your favorite programs using a traditional cable box!

Traditional Cable

Ditch the cable box – view our channel lineup over your smart TV or streaming device.

The ACP benefits will end in April. Click here to learn more.

Wireless Internet Backup allows your business to run smoothly even in the event of a network disruption. Our system is designed to activate automatically when your traditional network experiences a disruption, allowing you to keep essential services such as your voice system and credit card machine running.

Wireless Backup


As low as
$ 10 00 /month

Stay connected at all times.

Benefits of Wireless Backup from FOCUS Broadband


Our Wireless Backup service is backed by certified business professionals who will install the service on up to 4 devices of your choice.


Our system will automatically activate when your traditional network experiences a disruption - you don’t need to call in to activate it.

24/7 Connectivity

Combined with FOCUS Broadband’s Business Internet, Wireless Backup gives you constant connectivity - even during a network disruption.


Wireless Backup is available for a low monthly fee, allowing you to budget accordingly.

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Business Wi-Fi Benefits

Wireless Backup That Activates Automatically

Rest easy knowing that FOCUS Broadband’s Wireless Backup solution will activate as soon as there is a network disruption.


Wireless Backup is a cellular service that relies on cellular signal strength inside the customer’s premise. Wireless Backup can be used to keep essential services running but should not be relied upon for streaming TV, customer Wi-Fi use, etc. Not available in all areas. Installation fee may apply. Other charges and restrictions may apply.


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