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Digital Cable

Watch your favorite programs using a traditional cable box!

Traditional Cable

Ditch the cable box – view our channel lineup over your smart TV or streaming device.

Wi-Fi connectivity is an expectation of guests, customers and employees in a modern business environment. With customizeable features, we keep your business connected and secure, no matter the size.

Wi-Fi Access Point


As low as
$ 15 00 /access point

Connect your employees and your customers to the Internet with ease.

Benefits of Wi-Fi from FOCUS Broadband


With a powerful Wi-Fi signal, both indoors and outdoors, you and your customers can connect to the Internet on Wi-Fi-enabled devices.


Provide your customers with Wi-Fi connectivity without putting your information at risk. FOCUS Broadband Wi-Fi allows for an internal, private and secure network.


You have the power to offer conditional access to your customers by the minute, hour, or day; monitor your network’s bandwidth usage; or block unauthorized users.


Business Wi-Fi Access Points are installed and backed by dedicated, certified IT professionals. We are dedicated to keeping you connected.

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Business Wi-Fi Benefits

We Use the Latest Equipment!

FOCUS Broadband Business Wi-Fi is powered by state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring our reliability. Get in touch with us to learn more about the technology we use and discuss your business’s Wi-Fi needs.

Business Employee Benefits

Improve Your Work Environment

Modern business requires modern technology. Keep your guests and customers happy, while providing convenience for your employees. Talk with a Business Solutions representative today to determine if Business Wi-Fi is right for you.


*FOCUS Broadband's optional Wi-Fi service is intended to secure set-up of wireless devices to one FOCUS Broadband provided broadband router. Wi-Fi does not guarantee coverage throughout the customer premise. Furthermore, Wi-Fi does not guarantee delivery of full package speed to wireless devices. Wi-Fi services sold separately and professional installation is required. Self-installs not allowed. Wi-Fi Access Points may not be available everywhere. Service requires business broadband service. Includes replacement of damaged or non-working Wi-Fi devices resulting from normal wear and tear. Taxes and regulatory fees not included. Conditions and restrictions may apply. See associate for details.


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