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Traditional Cable

Ditch the cable box – view our channel lineup over your smart TV or streaming device.

Due to inclement weather expected as a result of Tropical Storm Ian, all FOCUS Broadband locations will be closed on Friday, September 30th. Our call center will be open. Retail offices will resume normal hours on Saturday, October 1st.

Wi-Fi connectivity is an expectation of guests, customers and employees in a modern business environment. With customizeable features, we keep your business connected and secure, no matter the size.

Wi-Fi Access Point


As low as
$ 15 00 /access point

Connect your employees and your customers to the Internet with ease.

Benefits of Wi-Fi from FOCUS Broadband


With a powerful Wi-Fi signal, both indoors and outdoors, you and your customers can connect to the Internet on Wi-Fi-enabled devices.


Provide your customers with Wi-Fi connectivity without putting your information at risk. FOCUS Broadband Wi-Fi allows for an internal, private and secure network.


You have the power to offer conditional access to your customers by the minute, hour, or day; monitor your network’s bandwidth usage; or block unauthorized users.


Business Wi-Fi Access Points are installed and backed by dedicated, certified IT professionals. We are dedicated to keeping you connected.

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Business Wi-Fi Benefits

We Use the Latest Equipment!

FOCUS Broadband Business Wi-Fi is powered by state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring our reliability. Get in touch with us to learn more about the technology we use and discuss your business’s Wi-Fi needs.

Business Employee Benefits

Improve Your Work Environment

Modern business requires modern technology. Keep your guests and customers happy, while providing convenience for your employees. Talk with a Business Solutions representative today to determine if Business Wi-Fi is right for you.


*FOCUS Broadband's optional Wi-Fi service is intended to secure set-up of wireless devices to one FOCUS Broadband provided broadband router. Wi-Fi does not guarantee coverage throughout the customer premise. Furthermore, Wi-Fi does not guarantee delivery of full package speed to wireless devices. Wi-Fi services sold separately and professional installation is required. Self-installs not allowed. Wi-Fi Access Points may not be available everywhere. Service requires business broadband service. Includes replacement of damaged or non-working Wi-Fi devices resulting from normal wear and tear. Taxes and regulatory fees not included. Conditions and restrictions may apply. See associate for details.


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