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What is Fiber Broadband Internet?

Internet technology has advanced exponentially over the past three decades. Faster and more reliable than ever, today’s consumer has many choices when it comes to high-speed internet.

But if your neighborhood has a variety of options, which kind of internet technology should you choose? Many companies out there talk about “fiber” internet, but what is it really? What is the benefit of choosing fiber over another service? How can I get the best value for my home or business?

At FOCUS Broadband, we hear these questions all the time, and understand how confusing it can be. So, check out the information below to learn more about fiber optic internet and the benefits it provides.

How does it work?

Fiber optic internet uses cables containing extremely thin, hair-width, glass-like “strings” of fiber material. Fiber optic technology converts internet data in the electrical signals into light, and then transports it at extremely fast speeds into your modem and home. Because fiber optic technology transmutes data into light, it is much faster than coax cable internet.

Our FOCUS fiber optic network provides the most advanced voice, video, data, and security services through one amazing connection. Whether it’s blazing fast, Gigabit Internet speeds, Streamed TV Service, or any number of new applications on the horizon, the connection FOCUS provides is powerful enough to meet the demands of tomorrow.

The Benefits of Fiber

FOCUS Broadband delivers Gigabit broadband speeds - that’s among the fastest, most powerful connection around. Instead of waiting for buffering or not being able to finish schoolwork or have a video call with your family, you will have fast reliable internet. Faster internet speed with fiber is a guarantee, not a “maybe”.

Research shows that a home served by fiber optics is worth more than a similar home that is not. Having fiber brings equity to your home. Fiber is the future of internet service and can bring the value of your property up if you move.

Fiber optic technology is resistant to corrosion, not susceptible to lightning damage, and has a longer life expectancy than regular coaxial cables. To have stability and knowledge that you won’t have to worry about replacement or repairs, can be such a burden off your chest. With fiber you’ll have peace of mind and a great connection.

Call us biased, but fiber optic cable is hands-down the fastest, most reliable, and highest quality internet service technology available on the market today. The maximum transfer rates of fiber internet are higher than any other service available.

Keep in mind that fiber may be a bit more expensive, at least at first. And perhaps you’d find the convenience of a single bill for both internet and cable appealing. Or you may live in a rural or more isolated area where wireless internet is your best—or only—option for high-speed internet service.

So be sure to do your homework. Research and ask questions. And when you’re ready, reach out to our FOCUS Broadband team to let us assist you! How You Connect Is Evolving. So Are We! Give us a call today at 888-367-2862.


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