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FOCUS Broadband Completes Fiber Optic Buildout on Oak Island

Oak Island, NC – FOCUS Broadband announced this week that the company has completed their project to expand fiber optic services to all of Oak Island. FOCUS Broadband most recently expanded service to more than 1,700 homes along the beachfront area of the island. With the completion of the beachfront area and the previous buildout on the island, more than 8,000 Oak Island residents now have access to FOCUS Broadband’s MergeTV, home telephone, security with smart home solutions, and fiber optic internet with speeds up to 2Gig.

Fiber optic technology provides a faster connection to the internet than what can be delivered via cable modem-delivered internet services and is less susceptible to damage caused by the rust and corrosion which is common on barrier islands like Oak Island. By using fiber optic lines to deliver services, FOCUS Broadband is able to provide Oak Island residents and businesses the fastest and most reliable internet service on the island.

“We are excited to complete our work on Oak Island and provide fiber optic internet to more residents and businesses there,” commented Keith Holden, FOCUS Broadband CEO. “Since the beginning of the Oak Island buildout, FOCUS Broadband has maintained a great working relationship with the Town of Oak Island which helped us quickly provide service to customers. We look forward to serving new customers on the island with our fiber optic network.”

FOCUS Broadband is also making progress on a multi-year, $100 million-dollar project to convert all of its cooperative members to its fiber optic network. Green Bay Village in Shallotte and areas of Seaside have already been converted to fiber optics. Construction is currently underway in Calabash and additional communities in Brunswick County will soon have access to the company’s fiber optic network.

Oak Island residents interested in signing up for FOCUS Broadband service can call 888-367-2862 to speak to a customer care representative.


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