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FOCUS Broadband Awards $40,000 in Grants to Local Educators

Shallotte, NC – FOCUS Broadband recently awarded $40,000 in grant funds to 23 educators and organizations for programs that expand educational opportunities for Brunswick and Columbus County students. The grant funds are part of the cooperative’s grant program, which has awarded $925,000 in community and education grants to over 500 programs since its inception in 2006.

FOCUS Broadband’s Board Liaison for the 2022 Grant Committee, Al Parker, commented, “We are excited to once again be able to provide grants that will allow teachers more opportunities in their classrooms. The teachers and organizations have great and innovative ideas, and we are more than happy to provide them with the resources needed to help students continue to grow.”

This year’s grant recipients included:

Acme Delco Elementary (Marcie Oram): Starting Out the Write Way will provide teachers with a consistent handwriting technique to teach students throughout grades.

Bolivia Elementary (Polly Whitesides): Through Hands on Learning, students with autism or developmental delays will receive task boxes that will help promote independence and build confidence in their abilities.

Bolivia Elementary – Day Treatment Program (Kirsten Crook): With Creative Expression for Social-Emotional Learning, students with emotional and behavioral challenges will be able to explore new ways to express themselves and to better understand, as well as process, their emotions.

Brunswick County Early College High School (Ben Ford): Via Alternative Energy Kits, students will be able to use alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind or hydropower, during science experiments.

Brunswick County Early College High School (Joel Elliott and Kathrine Weeks): Through Stocks and Bonds – Ticking our Way to Financial Savviness tickers will be purchased for students to observe real time market changes in their hypothetical stock market.

Cedar Grove Middle School (Caroline Griffin): The grant funds will purchase a color printer and one year of ink for classrooms to print out certificates for students who surpass goals. Grant funds will also be used to purchase organizational classroom supplies.

Chadbourn Elementary (Gwendolyn Dixon Best): With Shiny Stars, students in The Day Program will have access to a variety of classroom supplies to help with self-regulation, such as bean bag chairs, headphones, and social/emotional resources.

Chadbourn Elementary (Sheila Spaulding): Centered on Math will fund a math center complete with flexible seating, math games and tablets for students to use.

The COAST (Ashanda Grissett): Funds will be used to purchase lab coats for students to use in the Earth and Environmental courses.

Nakina Middle School (Clay Reeves and Alyssa Nelson): Through Let’s Get Digital, headphones, access to online digital learning resources, and three computers for instructional purposes will be purchased.

North Brunswick High School (Kaitlin Dvorak): Grant funds will be used to provide alternative seating in multiple classrooms for higher student engagement.

North Brunswick High School (Amy Silvey): The grant will provide lab supplies for the physical science courses.

Shallotte Middle School (Stacie Mann): Through Can You Hear Me Now, headphones for student use in the classroom will be bought.

South Brunswick High School (Nan Sellers): Graphing calculators will be purchased for use in the AP Chemistry classroom, providing students access to a necessity for the course.

Supply Elementary School (Jennifer Kuhnemann): Funds from the grant will be used in the Supply School Store, where students can redeem points earned in the classroom.

Town Creek Elementary School (Evoria Daniels): Via the Listen Up – Speak Up program, headphones and microphones will be purchased to help students with disabilities be more successful in online instruction and participation.

Town Creek Middle School (Megan Panebianco): Through The You Matter Project, the grant will help create a safe place for students to visit to help them calm down, destress, and de-escalate during difficult times, complete with a bean bag chair, sound machine, sensory toys and more.

Tabor City Middle School (Lisa Lennon): With Bring Back Reading, over 250 missing books will be replaced in the school’s library to avoid charging late fees.

Union Elementary (Wendy Robertson):One World, Many Cultures will help update the media center book collection with a variety of diverse authors and characters.

Union Elementary (Lauren Bowles): Through Cleaner Air for Clearer Minds, an air purifier will be purchased to help air filtration in the classroom.

Waccamaw School (Terra McGuire, Robin Russ, and Michelle Ransom): The funds from the grant will purchase 3 sets of 37 literacy books to help teach phonic awareness, vocabulary, writing and reading comprehension.

West Brunswick High School (Mary Evans): The grant will be used to purchase materials for interactive notebooks, allowing students a more personalized approach to learning.

West Brunswick High School (Dr. Lori Rose): CPR Manikins will be purchased with the grant funds to provide necessary and proper CPR training to students.

“These grants are our way of supporting key members in our community – the educators,” said FOCUS Broadband CEO, Keith Holden. “They work hard to ensure that our children learn the skills needed to succeed. With these funds, we want to help them continue to achieve that and continue to encourage new and exciting ideas in our local schools. “



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